The News Cameraman

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13 Haziran 2019

The News Cameraman is the person who runs to places to report the facts and events in such areas where people desire to runaway. They risk their lives for the right of information of people. 

We, the news camerapeople, are the authors of visual history. This means people only see what we can see. Public opinion can only be informed if we can film and the events and facts become history when we see. 

Each one of us is a public servant. We are the eyes of people. Our eyes are open on a constant basis. We see and record on people’s behest and let them decide.   

Our own thoughts are only transferred by means of the images we recorded. We know for a fact that the images are the most important element for a good and impressive news piece. In today’s world, every person carries a camera in their pockets. But it takes us, the professionals, to use all elements of the art. The images we capture talk. They explain and depict the moment to people. We are the newspeople who always take a constructive stand for democracy and the dignity of journalism. The set of professional standards that we apply to ourselves are the universal rules of journalism. We never compromise these rules and we never sacrifice our values: professional ethics, democratic values, universal rule of law, impartiality, human rights, and most importantly right of privacy. This is the code we live by.